Viewing and Visibility in Ansys HFSS 3D Layout — Lesson 2

HFSS 3D layout can be used to analyze PCBs and circuits with simple as well as denser traces. For denser layouts, it is necessary to view and analyze the minute details accurately. This lesson covers the interface details of the tool for better viewing and visibility that are required for analysis.

This lesson consists of one lecture and one workshop.


The lecture covers the theoretical aspects of the HFSS 3D layout interface — menus and visibility, defaults, sketch and solid modes, layer button matrix, net searches and visibility, etc.



This workshop covers the simulation aspects of a differential pair model in HFSS 3D layout and its analysis. The outline for this workshop is as follows:

Restore archive file comprising setup and analysis >> view lower differential pair >> simulate the model >> view the results.


Download the accompanying simulation files here.