Extents in Ansys HFSS 3D Layout — Lesson 5

Boundary conditions are required to specify the periphery of the simulation model and how it affects the model under study. The extents in HFSS 3D layout are analogous to the boundary conditions in HFSS MCAD. These extents offer open and closed boundary conditions to HFSS 3D layout.

This lesson consists of one lecture and one workshop.


The lecture covers the theoretical aspects of extents in HFSS 3D layout by covering extent definitions for air and dielectrics. It also talks about the scenarios for horizontal and vertical padding.



This workshop covers the simulation aspects of a microstrip model in HFSS 3D layout and its analysis. The outline for this workshop is as follows:

Create geometry >> add ports >> set extents >> add solution setup >> simulate the model >> plot S-parameters >> review mesh >> adjust extents >> simulate and plot the S-parameter results.


Download the accompanying simulation files here.