Ports in Ansys HFSS 3D Layout — Lesson 4

Excitation methods are required for simulation of any design. Multiple port types are required as the excitations can be different for different applications. Having multiple ports can be handy and makes the simulation process easier. This lesson covers the excitation port types and their assignment in HFSS 3D layout.

This lesson consists of one lecture and one workshop.


The lecture covers the theoretical aspects of the different port types available in HFSS 3D layout: gap, wave and coupling port types. It also talks about the scenarios for each of these port types and their key features.



This workshop covers the simulation aspects of a BGA package differential pair model in HFSS 3D layout and its analysis. The outline for this workshop is as follows:

Restore archive file comprising setup and analysis >> edit stack-up and verify materials >> model modifications >> add solder balls and flip chip bumps >> add ports and define extents >> add solution setup >> simulate the model >> plot S-parameters.


Download the accompanying simulation files here.