Solvers, Meshing and Solution Setup in Ansys HFSS 3D Layout — Lesson 3

To analyze any simulation model, it is necessary to divide the whole geometry model into smaller parts so that specific calculations can be carried out to arrive at a solution. This process is called meshing. Once the simulation model is meshed, a particular analysis from the available solution types is carried out to get the result. There are a wide variety of solver types available for determining the specific types of results. All the solver types have solution setups that need to be followed for the analysis.

This lesson consists of one lecture and one workshop.


The lecture covers the theoretical aspects of the different solver types available in the HFSS 3D layout interface and their solution setups. It also covers mesh types.



This workshop covers the simulation aspects of an on-chip spiral inductor model in HFSS 3D layout and its analysis. The outline for this workshop is as follows:

Restore archive file comprising setup and analysis >> add vias and other model modifications >> add ports >> add solution setup and output variables >> simulate the model >> view the results >> set solve inside for design >> compare the results.


Download the accompanying simulation files here.