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Pengantar Antarmuka Pengguna AEDT — Pelajaran 1

Ansys Electronics Desktop adalah solusi perangkat lunak simulasi multifisika yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk merancang, mensimulasikan perangkat elektromagnetik, dan melakukan analisis termal. Pelajaran ini memperkenalkan antarmuka

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In this course, the governing equations of both rectangular and circular waveguides are explained. One example for each waveguide was also simulated in Ansys HFSS

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Intro to AEDT User Interface — Lesson 1

Ansys Electronics Desktop is a multiphysics simulation software solution that enables users to design and simulate electromagnetic devices and perform thermal analysis. This lesson introduces

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Two-Way Coupling — Lesson 6

This lesson covers a two-way coupling simulation between the Ansys HFSS and Ansys Icepak in AEDT student version for ETM. It shows the HFSS model preparation steps to make the design ready for two-way coupling with Icepak. In this lesson, two-way coupling

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