Kursus Inovasi Ansys

Kursus Inovasi Ansys adalah kursus fisika dan teknik online pemenang penghargaan, gratis, yang dirancang untuk pendidik, siswa, dan insinyur untuk meningkatkan pembelajaran simulasi dan fisika.

Apa Kata Orang

Converging-diverging nozzles are used extensively in the area of propulsion, where they are designed to generate the required thrust and assist in the maneuverability of the aircraft or rocket. In this regard, it is important to analyze the flow within the nozzle and reduce the total pressure losses. In this SimCafe course, you will learn how to setup a simulation to analyze the flow through the nozzle and analyze the results.

Ansys Electronics Desktop or simply AEDT provides a comprehensive environment for the design and analysis of electronic components. AEDT offers multiple design types that are required to do a full system analysis. Ansys HFSS is one of the design types integrated in AEDT which is a high-frequency simulation software used for the design and analysis of high-frequency electromagnetic components. HFSS offers various types of solvers to suit for various applications. It provides wide variety of reports ranging from 2D rectangular plots to 3D field plots inside the complex geometries which will help in understanding the electromagnetic concepts. Ansys HFSS can be used to design simple as well as complex simulation models and hence it is required to know how to use the tool for an efficient analysis. This course provides step by step procedure required for analysis using AEDT student version. The steps and procedure shown in this course are not limited to student version alone but can also be used for commercial version. More details about this student version are found here. In this course, we will demonstrate the analysis of different types of waveguides such as simple waveguide, stacked waveguide, twist and bent waveguides using WR-15 standard waveguide as example.

Ansys Maxwell adalah alat simulasi elektromagnetik yang terintegrasi ke dalam Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT). Maxwell digunakan untuk menganalisis perangkat dan mesin elektronik yang berfrekuensi rendah atau ketika mensimulasikan dengan bahan yang memiliki kurva BH nonlinier atau anisotropi bahan.
Kami akan membuat serta menganalisis model 3D dan 2D dari sistem EMB menggunakan magnetostatic solver DC pada Maxwell. Semua langkah yang diperlukan untuk melakukan Maxwell simulation akan dibahas.