Electronics Engineering Courses

Multipaction is an electron resonance effect that occurs when applied RF fields accelerate electrons that are in a vacuum and cause them to impact with a surface, which depending on its energy, release one or more electrons into the vacuum - an avalanche effect like in lasers. Multipaction only occurs in a vacuum. In this AIC Module, you will be introduced to the Multipaction feature using HFSS in AEDT 2020 R2 that will help you to design and analyze for a wide number of cutting-edge applications. A coaxial geometry is used as a course model to demonstrate this feature.

In this module, we describe cosimulation as a method of design. By definition, the method of cosimulation involves two or more simulation types that are performed to simulate a whole system. With cosimulation, a dynamic link is created between the two tools so that the changes in one tool is reflected in the other in real time. The power of cosimulation will be demonstrated with the help of a 5G phased array application. We will focus on the cosimulation abilities of the Ansys HFSS MCAD, HFSS ECAD and Circuit tools present in the Ansys Electronic Desktop. However, the cosimulation feature can also be used across different Ansys physics tools.