Fundamentals of Python - Lesson 1


  • What basic data types can I work with in Python?
  • How can I create a new variable in Python?
    • What is a "variable"?
  • Can I change the values associated with a variable after I create it?


  • Assign values to variables
  • Work with three basic types of data
    • float
    • integer
    • string
  • Develop an understanding of the basic language features
    • print()
    • comments


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Jupyter Notebook File

Please use the Jupyter notebook named "01Fundamentals.ipynb" for this lesson. If you haven't downloaded them already, you may find them here.

Key Points

  • Basic data types in Python include integers, strings, and floating-point numbers.
  • Use variable = value to assign a value to a variable in order to record it in memory.
  • Variables are created on-demand whenever a value is assigned to them.
  • Use print(something) to display the value of something.