Defensive Programming - Lesson 8


  • How can I make my programs more reliable?


  • Explain what an assertion is.
  • Add assertions that check the program’s state is correct.
  • Correctly add precondition and postcondition assertions to functions.
  • Explain what test-driven development is, and use it when creating new functions.


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Jupyter Notebook File

Please use the Jupyter notebook named "08DefensiveProgramming.ipynb" for this lesson. If you haven't downloaded them already, you may find them here.

Key Points

  • Program defensively, i.e., assume that errors are going to arise, and write code to detect them when they do.
  • Put assertions in programs to check their state as they run, and to help readers understand how those programs are supposed to work.
  • Use preconditions to check that the inputs to a function are safe to use.
  • Use postconditions to check that the output from a function is safe to use.
  • Write tests before writing code in order to help determine exactly what that code is supposed to do.