Intro to Python

Welcome to this 10-lesson course introducing programming and Python. No prior experience is necessary. In this course, we cover the basic staples of programming: simple types, for loops, conditional if statements, lists, functions, and some standard practices like testing and debugging. Additionally, we introduce the basics of NumPy and MatPlotLib, the two most popular packages in scientific python. The course comprises 10 “lessons”, each on a different topic. Students will have access to videos of the instructor explaining the topic in 10-to-20-minute bursts along with companion Jupyter notebooks containing reference material for the course and exercises to be completed. This work is derived from work that is Copyright (c) Software Carpentry (, provided under the CC BY 4.0 license ( The course has been adapted to suit Ansys engineers.

Recommended Courses

Thermal analysis at the components and system levels is required to foresee device performance over long durations. Using thermal analysis can help you evaluate the internal heat generated by the electronic circuits and visualize the possible ventilation by following the airflow. Thus, designers can ensure that these electronic circuits or devices operate in desired thermal conditions. Thermal analysis can also determine the effects of environmental conditions on these electronic circuits. The Icepak tool integrated with the Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) can be used for this electrothermal analysis. This course focuses mainly on the basics of Icepak and electrothermal analysis by using multiphysics analysis inside AEDT.