Analyzing Radiance Data - Lesson 2


  • How can I process tabular data files in Python?
  • How can I visualize it?


  • Explain what a library is and what libraries are used for.
  • Import a Python library and use the functions it contains.
  • Read table data from a file into a program.
  • Create some simple visualizations


Jupyter Notebook File

Please use the Jupyter notebook named "02AnalyzingRadianceData.ipynb" for this lesson. If you haven't downloaded them already, you may find them here.

Key Points

  • Import a library into a program using import libraryname.
  • Use the numpy library to work with arrays in Python.
  • Use array[x, y] to select a single element from a 2D array.
  • Array indices start at 0, not 1.
  • Use low:high to specify a slice that includes the indices from low to high-1.
  • Use the pyplot module from the matplotlib library for creating simple visualizations.