Pre-loaded Bolted Connections

Bolted connections play an important role in mechanical assemblies and designing them often involves answering several questions such as: What kind of fasteners are needed? How many fasteners do we need for a design and how tight do we want them during installation? Will the bolted joint fail during operation? Usually, such questions can be answered with the aid of numerical simulations but setting up such models opens a whole new set of questions. In this learning track titled "Preloaded Bolted Joints", we have packaged courses that walks you through different aspects of designing bolted joints and how finite element analysis can be leveraged. It addresses several questions related to both designing and simulating the preloaded bolted joints and provides wisdom to make modeling decisions for practical problems. Students and professional with interests in any industry that deals with mechanical assemblies can benefit from this learning track.

Evaluation of the structural integrity of assemblies often involves proper modeling and analysis of bolted connections, including the consideration of bolt preload effects. The preload on bolts makes it possible for forces to be transferred between clamped parts effectively, whereas loose bolts may cause failure. Preloaded bolts are also often used in applications with liquids and need to prevent leakage, so bolt preload is a necessary component of such simulations.