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CFD Analysis of an F1 in Schools Car Model

This learning track is custom-built for students participating in the F1 in Schools competition. With these expertly crafted courses, you'll gain the knowledge of physics and engineering simulation topics needed to design an award-winning F1 in Schools car.  The learning track starts by laying a strong foundation in fluid dynamics, covering essential concepts like fluid flow visualization and the aerodynamics principles of lift and drag. Next, you'll be introduced to the game-changing world of engineering simulation and its crucial role in the product design to development process. With the basics under your belt, you'll explore the powerful geometry preparation tools within Ansys Discovery. The final course puts it all together, focusing on the F1 in Schools car model and demonstrating how Ansys Discovery can supercharge your aerodynamic simulation, allowing for in-depth analysis, optimization, and selection of the best model based on its aerodynamic performance.   Don't settle for second best – Learn from our curated set of courses and leave the competition in your rearview mirror! 

Innovation Course

Basic Concepts in Fluid Dynamics - F1 in Schools

This course offers an introduction to fluid dynamics – examining the physical properties of fluids and defining the many types of fluid flows. This course also covers the fluid flow visualization techniques used by engineers around the world, which are instrumental to visualizing and analysing the fluid flow around an F1 in Schools car.

Innovation Course

Intro to Aerodynamics - F1 in Schools

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of external aerodynamics. You will learn about scenarios involving the motion of an object within the fluid or the flow of fluid over a stationary object. The focus will be on examining the forces applied by the fluid up...Read more

Innovation Course

What is Engineering Simulation? - F1 in Schools

This course covers the fundamental ideas of simulation, from structural, fluid, and thermal analysis to how simulations are used and applied in different sectors. You will gain more insight into the connection between computer-aided design (CAD) and engineer...Read more

Innovation Course

Getting Started with Ansys Discovery - F1 in Schools

Ansys Discovery empowers engineers to accelerate product development and increase innovation through upfront simulation. With the interactive modelling and simulation capabilities, you can answer critical design questions earlier in the design phase. T...Read more

Innovation Course

CFD Simulation of an F1 in Schools Car Model

In the highly competitive world of the F1 in Schools challenge, designing an aerodynamically efficient car is a crucial factor when it comes down to winning races. Since every car uses the same specification canister as a power unit, al...Read more


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