[Bonus Content] Create the Heat Sink Model in Ansys SpaceClaim

Here you can challenge yourself and learn how to build the heat sink solid model using SpaceClaim. To access Ansys SpaceClaim, you can download our free Ansys Student product here.

Modeling approach:​

The process will be very similar to the one used to create the model in Discovery. Download the technical drawing required for creating this heat sink model here.

Check out the video below to learn the step-by-step procedure for creating a heat sink model in SpaceClaim.

Alternate video link.


This heat sink modeling session covered several different topics. You learned how to use sketching tools such as Rectangle and Circle to begin creating geometry. You then utilized the Pull, Move and Pattern tools to create and modify the geometry of the solid body. Finally, you made alterations to the appearance of the design using various coloring and shading tools.