Intro to Ansys HFSS Using a Waveguide Example Part 1 — Lesson 2

A waveguide is the most popular form of transmission line that is used to guide electromagnetic waves from one point to another. A wave inside the waveguide propagates in various modes.

Visualizing the fields propagating inside the waveguide for different modes helps in better understanding its operation. We will see how Ansys HFSS is used to visualize the fields inside waveguides. The cutoff frequency of these modes can be obtained by plotting real and imaginary plots of a propagating constant in Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) using Ansys HFSS.

This lesson introduces you to the basics of waveguide structure and their applications. It also covers the notation and the naming conventions of standard waveguides, along with the basic steps for geometry creation of the rectangular waveguide WR-15 in AEDT HFSS.

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