Start-Up and Pre-Analysis - Lesson 2

Hand Calculations

In quasi - one dimensional flow for this converging diverging nozzle, we expect that the Mach number at the inlet will be subsonic and accelerating until at the minimum nozzle area (the throat) the flow becomes sonic with M = 1. At that point, we expect that since the nozzle starts to diverge the flow will continue accelerating until at the exit, the flow continues as supersonic. We get to this result via the area velocity relation:

Open Ansys Workbench

We are ready to do a simulation in Ansys Workbench! Open Ansys Workbench by going to Start → Ansys → Workbench. This will open the start up screen seen below.

Screen Management

This tutorial is designed such that the user can have both Ansys Workbench and the tutorial open. As shown below, this online tutorial should fill approximately 1/3 of the screen, while Ansys Workbench fills the remaining 2/3 of the screen.


Right-click the top box of the project schematic and go to Rename, and name the project Compressible Flow in a Nozzle. You are ready to create the geometry for the simulation.