Meshing - Lesson 4

The following video will show you how the mesh was created:

Summary of the above video:
  1. Right-click on Mesh → Insert → (Mapped) Face Meshing
  2. Click on face of the geometry → Apply
  3. Right-click on Mesh → Insert → Sizing
  4. Click on Select Body icon → click on geometry → Apply
  5. Under Element Size enter 0.025 m
  6. Generate

After creating the surface, name each of the edges of the surface. Do this by using the edge selection tool, left-clicking on the line that you want to name, then right- clicking this same line, selecting 'Create Named Selection' and typing in your desired name, then click the 'Generate' symbol to generate that named selection. You will want to name the pressure inlet, the outlet, the nozzle wall, and the axis. You may have to right-click on the Mesh cell and select Update back in the Project Schematic for the Named Selections to transfer to Ansys Fluent.