Adding Stent to the Original Artery Geometry

Watch the following video for a demonstration of how to add a stent to the original artery geometry using Ansys SpaceClaim. You will need to suppress the solid created to generate the effect of the stent before opening the geometry in the mesher.

Quick Summary:

  1. Create a new sketch, move to one end of the obstruction
  2. Use Spline to mimic the artery boundary (just click on the edge of the artery that is visible and follow the dots that show up)
  3. Use Offset Curve to create two more curves: one inside and one outside the artery
  4. Return to 3D mode
  5. Hide the artery
  6. Delete the inner portions of the resulting surfaces leaving only the outer ring
  7. Unhide the artery
  8. Do the same on the other end of the obstruction
  9. Hide the artery
  10. Use Blend and then control + click the two faces that remain
  11. Unhide the artery
  12. Ctrl + Click the missing ellipse and fillet and click Fill if you haven’t already
  13. Use Combine as before to create three solids
  14. Delete or suppress all entities except the artery
  15. Use pull to smooth any sharp edges as desired