Adding Obstructions to the Original Artery Geometry

Watch the following video for a demonstration of how to add obstructions to the original artery geometry using Ansys SpaceClaim.

Quick Summary:

  1. Edit Model in SpaceClaim
  2. File → SpaceClaim Options → Set Minimum Grid Spacing to 0.1mm
  3. Place a point where you want the centroid of the obstruction located
  4. Merge the surrounding faces using Repair → Merge Faces
  5. Hide Artery
  6. Sketch an ellipse on XZ plane
  7. Major axis length (along Z): 12mm
  8. Minor axis length (along X): 4mm
  9. Pull → Select the Z axis → Click the → button
  10. Move → Up to → Click on the Point from earlier
  11. Unhide Artery and make sure ellipsoid is properly sized and positioned
  12. Use Pull → Scale to resize the ellipsoid
  13. Use Move to reposition the ellipsoid using the directional or orientational handles
  14. Click Combine
  15. Click the artery, then the ellipsoid (should result in three solids)
  16. Delete or suppress all entities except the artery
  17. Click Pull, click on the edge of the resulting depression and create a fillet
  18. If you need to restart for any reason, simply CTRL + click the depression and the fillet and then click Fill (make sure you click the green checkmark that is on the screen)