Adding and Animating Particle Pathlines

Watch the following video for demonstrations:

The particle track file can be downloaded at this link.

Summary of the above video:
  1. Turn off Velocity Vector by unchecking the box next to Velocity Vector
  2. Go to File → Import → Import FLUENT Particle Track File
  3. Browse for part
  4. Double click on the particle track
  5. Go to Color tab
  6. For Variable, choose Velocity
  7. Apply
  8. Go to Symbol tab
  9. Check the box Show Symbols
  10. For Max Time is, choose Current Time
  11. For Scale, type 0.5
  12. Apply
  13. To animate this particle, click on the Animation icon next to the clock icon
  14. Click FLUENT PT for massless
  15. Press play to preview
  16. To save video, check box Save Movie
  17. Choose the speed of the video you want to playback
  18. To start the animation that will be saved, press play
  19. When you reach your desired time, press stop