Creating Body of Influence Geometry

The body of influence geometry will refine the mesh (in the next lesson) within the bounds of our body based on the options we want. Since the most interesting things in the flow are happening near the wing, we want to refine the mesh in this area and we do not really need to refine the mesh far from the wing. This is why we are using a body of influence.

Summary of the above video:
  1. Body of Influence Creation → Polyline
  2. Line parallel to x-axis = 1.6 ft
  3. Horizontal distance = 1.2 ft
  4. Distance between z-axis and leading line = .3 ft
  5. Vertical constraint on the shortest horizontal line
  6. The angle between the x-axis and leading-edge line = 60 deg
  7. The angle between the x-axis and trailing edge line = 105.8 deg
  8.  Extrude
  9.  Symmetric
  10. Add Frozen
  11. Extrude by .2 ft

We use add frozen here because by default any additional extrusions we create will be automatically added to the first body. When we select "Add Frozen" this body is ignored and creates a separate body from our flow domain body.