Physics Setup & Numerical Solution — Lesson 5

Physics Setup

The boundary conditions (the fixed support at the left hole and the 1lbf upward load at the right hole) should already be defined in the bike crank project file. The boundary conditions are:

  1. Fixed support: is applied at the three left holes.
  2. Traction Load: A 100 lbf is applied on the right hole.

Numerical Solution

In this lesson, we give each gauge a local coordinate system, or elemental triads. These will be later used to compute the strain solution in the proper direction. We then update the solution.

Summary of steps in the above video:

  1. Right click on Solution > Insert > Coordinate Systems > Elemental Triads
  2. Under Details > Select Body > Zoom into strain gauges > click on strain gauge (taking use of the layer selection) > Apply
  3. Do the same for the two other strain gauges
  4. Click Solve