Problem Specification - Lesson 1

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Problem Specification

Created using Ansys 2019 R2

Consider the rat femur shown in the figure below. The geometry was obtained using a CT scan. The femur is loaded in a 3-point bending configuration with a displacement of 0.3 mm. The distance between the supports is 15 mm. The femur is hollow, with an average outer radius of 1.9 mm and a thickness of 0.7 mm. Additionally, assume the femur has a Young's Modulus of 5 GPa and a Poisson ratio of 0.4. Using Ansys, calculate the following:

1. Total deformation along the femur

2. Reaction force at the supports

3. Stresses and strains along the femur

The geometry of the Rat Femur is an STL file (rf_trial_low.stl). Download the file here.