Rat Femur

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This SimCafe Structural Course was developed by Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran at Cornell University in partnership with Ansys. It serves as an e-learning resource to integrate industry-standard simulation tools into courses and provides a resource for supplementary learning outside the classroom. The following course shows how to solve a Rat Femur Bending Simulation using Ansys Structural. A femur is the upper bone of the leg. In biomedical engineering, the mechanical properties of the femur can be studied through conducting tests on rat femur.  The valuable data from tests can then be applied in simulation to predict behaviors of other femurs.  We will show you step by step how to conduct a bending simulation on a rat femur and evaluate the results.
Cornell University also offers a Fluid Dynamics Simulations Using Ansys online certificate authored by Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran. Learn more here: https://ecornell.cornell.edu/fluiddynamics




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