How to perform a Random Vibration Fatigue Analysis — Lesson 4

Many of the components are subjected to repeated loading which is of random nature in day-to-day life. Even though these loadings generate low stresses in the components, continuous loads often cause fatigue. As a result, it is critical to do a fatigue study to assess the damage caused by the vibrations and to compute the estimated life of the part concerned. In this video, we'll go through the importance of performing a random vibration fatigue study and how to accomplish it in Ansys Mechanical using the Fatigue Tool.

Video Highlights:

1:20 - Random vibration analysis - general

2:04 - Stress Life and Strain Life fatigue analysis

2:44 - Ansys Fatigue Tool – general

3:05 - SN Fatigue Analysis

3:22 - Engineering Data – defining a material

6:38 - Cycle Counting Methods for vibration induced fatigue analysis

8:37 - Statistical frequency definition

8:52 - Random vibration Analysis Settings

10:40 - Mode superposition workflow on the project page

11:16 - Mesh sizing

11:28 - Modal Analysis - analysis settings

11:51 - Modal Analysis - boundary conditions

12:10 - Random vibration – loads

12:48 - Random vibration – analysis settings

13:01 - Random vibration analysis results

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying archived project files used in the video lesson here. The student version of Ansys simulation software can be downloaded here.