How to Check the Fidelity of the Input PSD — Lesson 2

Random Vibration Analysis is intended for scenarios where the vibrations are not deterministic, i.e., random in nature. Hence the input of the Random Vibration Analysis is probabilistic and is in the form of Power Spectral density (PSD). While input PSD curves are often provided based on engineering specifications or criteria that must be met, providing high-quality PSD input is critical for getting accurate random vibration analysis results. In this video, we will help you understand how to input the PSD curve, check its fidelity, and improve the curve if needed.

Video Highlights:

1:48 – Time history and generating input PSD in frequency domain

2:19 – Random vibration excitation options

5:00 – Modal analysis

7:30 – Random vibration analysis results interpretation (meaning of 1,2,3 sigma results)

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying archived project file used in the video lesson here. The student version of Ansys simulation software can be downloaded here.