Running the Simulation and Analyzing Results in Ansys Lumerical FEEM — Lesson 3

Pre-run Diagnostics

The finite-element IDE offers some pre-run diagnostic tools that can be used to check that the simulation is set up properly, which can reduce the chance of erroneous results.

Partitioned volume mode:

The partitioned volume mode can be used to make sure the structure and simulation objects are set as intended and everything is in the right place. This mode will generate a partitioned volume of the simulation region composed of different domains and surfaces and represents exactly what a solver can see during simulation. For more information about this tool, please visit the related links below.

Error check tool:

The check button available under the Simulation section of the FEEM tab opens the Error Checking and Diagnostics window which contains information as well as any errors or warnings related to the setup of your simulation. This can be used to address any issues regarding the simulation setup before running the simulation.


The following video demonstrates how to run simulations in FEEM. It uses the project file saved in the previous lesson about setting up the simulation. The file can be downloaded here.