Homework - Hydrostatic Equilibrium: Water Tower


The two primary functions of a water tower are to store and pressurize water for distribution. Clean, treated water is stored in large tanks, which most commonly will supply water to an entire city or town. The tank will supply water during peak hours of the day; when the demand is less, water will be pumped into the tank. Most water tanks are positioned at about 50 meters from the ground to deliver water to different locations using smaller or fewer pumps. The water pumps used to deliver water to different locations use the gravitational force from the tower to provide high-pressure water. As a result of high-pressure water entering the pumps, less work is done by the pumps to deliver water.

In this example, the pressure distribution along the depth of the water tower will be visualized using Ansys Fluent simulation.


The main objective of this example is to illustrate the steps involved in simulation of a water tower using Ansys Fluent and to visualize the pressure contour on the tower.


Download the Mesh file required for setting up the simulation and associated Case and Data files here. Follow the instructions below to set up this simulation in Ansys Fluent starting with the Mesh file. In case you face any issues setting up or running the simulation, refer to the corresponding initial and final Case and Data files.

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Results and Discussion

Here you can find further details on the simulation homework.