Numerical Solution — Lesson 6

Specify Results (Deformation)

Here, we will tell the Ansys software to find the deformation for the first six modes. Then, we will be able to see the shapes of the six modes. Additionally, we will be able to watch animations of the six modes.

To request the deformation results (right click) Solution > Insert > Deformation > Total as shown below.

Then, rename "Total Deformation" to "Total Deformation Mode 1." To do so (right click) Total Deformation > Rename. Next, set Mode to 1 as shown in the image below.

Repeat this process for the other five modes. Make sure that you set Mode to the respective mode number. At this point, your Outline should look the same as the following image.

Run Calculation

To run the simulation and calculate the specified outputs, click the Solve button, .