Publishing Script — Lesson 1

Discovery script can be published as a Script Tool which offers advantages like easy deployment of scripts across multiple users, creating protected versions of scripts for limiting access to the source code, and the flexibility of using the published script with any Discovery project. Scripts can also be embedded into a Discovery project. An embedded script gets saved and stored in the project.  

This lesson focuses on the steps required for publishing and embedding script in Ansys Discovery, along with its benefits. It also includes a workshop to get hands-on experience with these methods. 

The following topics are covered in this lesson: 

  • Publishing a script as a tool.
  • Leaning the steps involved in publishing the script. 
  • Creating a non-editable script for sharing.
  • Embedding script in the Discovery project. 

Geometry Files

Download the accompanying geometry and script files from the lecture and workshop here. Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.