DiscoveryInputHelper — Lesson 2

The DiscoveryInputHelper functionality of Discovery scripting is an extremely helpful tool that offers the capability of specifying interactive user inputs in the scripting workflow. This offers flexibility in the script workflow as hard-coded script variables can be easily replaced with DiscoveryInputHelper parameters. Also, custom tool guides and selections can be easily created with the help of DiscoveryInputHelper options.  

This lesson focuses on the DiscoveryInputHelper feature and its options that will help you in developing scripts with interactive user inputs in Ansys Discovery. It also includes a workshop to get hands-on experience with this feature. 

The following topics are covered in this lesson: 

  • What is DiscoveryInputHelper in Discovery scripting? 
  • What are the options in DiscoveryInputHelper? 
  • How can you use DiscoveryInputHelper in scripting?

Geometry Files

Download the accompanying geometry and script files from the lecture and workshop here. Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.