Geometry — Lesson 3

Download Blade Geometry:

Blade Geometry

Import Wind Blade, Orient Blade & Set Pitch Angle

The following video shows how to import a STEP file of blade geometry in Ansys SpaceClaim and orient it at the correct position using the Move tool.

Create Flow Domain & Named Selections

The following video shows how to create a fluid domain around a wind blade geometry.

The following instructions are exclusively for Cornell students taking this course.

Launch Ansys Software and Save

The following video shows you how you can access Ansys software using either the free student version and/or Apps on Demand, a service provided to Cornell students. It also provides some important pointers on saving your Ansys project. Some students have lost hours of work in Ansys due to not saving properly. So please review the video carefully.

The link below takes you to the Cornell IT web page, which explains how to link your google drive account while using Apps on Demand.


The link below takes you to the main Apps on Demand web page for Cornell IT. Here, you can find articles on general topics, troubleshooting, and usage information.