Homework: Supersonic Flow Over an Expansion Corner


In compressible supersonic flows, expansion waves are created when the flow passes over a convex corner. In such a situation, as the flow expands around the corner and through the expansion waves, it is turned away from the bulk fluid. Unlike shock waves, the expansion region is not a discontinuity in the flow-field and the flow through this region can be assumed to be isentropic.


In this example, you will learn how to simulate a supersonic flow at a Mach number of 2 over a 10 degree expansion corner using Ansys Fluent. You will learn how to set up the case, analyze the results and validate them with analytical predictions.


Download the Mesh file required for setting up the simulation and associated Case and Data files here. Follow the instructions below to set up this simulation in Ansys Fluent starting with the Mesh file. In case you face any issues setting up or running the simulation, refer to the corresponding initial and final Case and Data files.

Alternate video link.

Results and Discussion

Let us now analyze the results and learn about the expansion shock that is generated when supersonic flow encounters an expansion corner.