How to Perform Share Topology: Part 1 - Join-Intersect Method – Lesson 4

The purpose of the share topology operation is to ensure that connected bodies have shared faces, which helps facilitate the creation of a conformal mesh. Quite often, this operation is performed at the very end of the CAD creation phase before the geometry is passed over for meshing. However, in cases where share topology cannot be performed at the CAD creation phase, it is possible to do this operation at the meshing phase when using Ansys Fluent’s watertight geometry workflow through the Apply Share Topology task. This lesson is part one of a two-part series on using the Share Topology feature of the watertight workflow and will focus on the join-intersect method. We will dig into the finer details of this method and understand how and when to use it.

Simulation Files

Download the files here to follow the video step-by-step. The Ansys Student software can be downloaded for free here.