Script Commands — Lesson 3

Single propagation

setemeanalysis: Sets calculation parameters in EME analysis window

getemeanalysis: Gets calculation parameters in EME analysis window

emepropagate: Propagates fields and calculates S-matrix results. This is equivalent to the “eme propagate” button in the graphical user interface.


setemeanalysis("group spans",[1e-6;1e-6;1e-6]);  # set group spans to 1 micron
emepropagate;  # propagate eme

Propagation sweep

emesweep: Runs propagation sweep. This is equivalent to clicking the “eme sweep” button in the EME Analysis Window.

getemesweep: Gets the user S-matrix result from a propagation sweep.

Note: same commands are used to run the mode convergence sweep and get its results.


# set propagation sweep settings
setemeanalysis("propagation sweep",1);
setemeanalysis("parameter","group span 2");
setemeanalysis("number of points",10); 

emesweep;  # run propagation sweep tool

S = getemesweep('S');  # get propagation sweep result

# plot S21 vs group span
s21 = S.s21;
group_span = S.group_span_2;