Stop Valve – Lesson 3

In certain cases, the imported geometries can often contain only solid domain and the fluid domain needs to be extracted. For such cases, the Enclose Fluid Regions task allows the user to create cap surfaces at the opening of the solid geometry, which facilitates the extraction of the fluid domain. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to create a CFD-ready mesh using the Ansys Fluent Meshing watertight geometry workflow, which can be used to study the fluid flow through a stop valve. Apart from capping and subsequent fluid domain extraction, we will specifically look at how to import a body of influence (BOI) geometry and add a BOI local sizing control to refine the mesh at the valve section to capture the complex flow dynamics during the simulation. Finally, we will look at how to create boundary layers not only in the fluid region, but also in the solid regions, which will help to accurately predict the temperature gradients while performing the CHT analysis.

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Simulation Files

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