What is Simulation?

This course will help explain the basic concepts of simulation, from structural, fluid, and thermal analysis, to simulation’s impact and place across the industry. The learner will get a better understanding of the relation between CAD and engineering simulation software as well as sign-up for OnScale Solve to experience simulation firsthand. This course is perfect for STEM students, first or second-year engineering students, and anyone interested in learning more about engineering simulation.

Recommended Courses

Electronic devices generate unwanted heat within their casing during their operation. This heat needs to be dissipated away to avoid overheating and ensure smooth and reliable operation of the device. One of the methods is to use heat sink which removes the heat generated by an electronic component through conduction. In this course you will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to perform a solid thermal (conduction) simulation.

A static structural simulation determines the effect of steady (or static) loading on a structure. Stress, strain, and deformation of a structure can be studies under a range of loading conditions. This helps to identify weak areas with low strength and durability at the design stage and avoid expensive failures. In this course, you will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to perform static structural simulations.