Homework - Flow Through Water Treatment Plant Piping


Mixing elbow configurations are used extensively in piping systems across different process industries and power plants. The design of the junction plays an important role in maintaining the desired flow distribution and temperature field in the mixing area. In this simulation example we will model flow of water through a mixing elbow of a water treatment plan with two inlet streams at different temperatures and determine an average temperature at the outlet. The model consists of a 90-degree elbow section and a mixing junction.


The main objective of this simulation example is to model the flow through the mixing elbow, understand the mixing of two flow streams and estimate the outlet temperature.


Download the mesh file needed for setting up the simulation and the associated Case and Data files from here. Follow the instructions below to set up this simulation in Ansys Fluent starting with the Mesh file. In case you face any issues setting up or running the simulation, please use the corresponding initial and final Case and Data files.

Alternate video link.

Results and Discussion

Let us now analyze the simulation results and understand the physics of a mixing elbow.