Numerical Results — Lesson 5

The following video shows how to save and play the animation.

  • Change the window to display the moment monitor. Note the oscillatory behavior.
  • Review the animation.
    • Expand Animation in the Outline, under Results. Double click "Solution Animation Playback."
    • Change "Write/Record Format" to MPEG and click Write.
    • It will be located in the working_folder/MFR_files/dp0/FFF-1/Fluent.
    • You can delete the .hmf files.
  • Save the Project.

After running steady-state and transient cases, we can compare both in single CFD-Post session. The same procedure is shown in the following video.

Text summary of the above video
  • Back to Workbench, drag "Solution" from MFR into Results of the Sliding Mesh.
  • Double click Results to open CFD-Post.
  • Compare results side by side:
    • Enable two windows view.
    • Change on to the MFR and the other to the Sliding Mesh at 1.5s.
    • Enable "Sync Views."
  • Change to the Velocity Contours.
    • Review.
    • Change the variable to "Velocity in Stn Frame" and click Apply.
  • Review the Vorticity Contours.
  • Review the Turb KE Contours.