Final Design Challenge - Lesson 8

PC Mouse

We are now at the end of our Advanced Solid Modeling course. We want to challenge you to apply what you've learned creating a model entirely from scratch. Using Ansys SpaceClaim you will create a solid model of a PC mouse, like the one you are probably using right now.

Just like in the real world, your designs will be constrained by a set of parameters. The mouse must fit inside the design box provided in the challenge files. Remember that the final model must be functional and comfortable. Creativity and ingenuity are highly encouraged. Show us what you can do!

This video will guide you through the rules of this challenge. See also the pdf in the challenge files for more information.

Alternate video link.

Download the Design Challenge Files

Design Challenge - Download

Now that you’ve completed the challenge, share your design with the community and compare it with others’ geometries here!