1. 3D Bifurcation Artery
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  2. 3D Transonic Flow Over a Wing
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  3. Compressible Flow in a Nozzle
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  4. What Are Fluids?
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  5. Fluid Statics
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  6. Fluid Kinematics
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  7. Governing Equations of Fluids
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  8. Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
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  9. Laminar Boundary Layer Theory
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  10. Viscous Laminar Flows
  11. Simple Approximations of Fluid Flows
  12. Real Internal Flows
  13. Basics of Turbulent Flows
  14. Real External Flows
  15. Beyond Viscosity
  16. Internal Compressible Flows
  17. Basics of Compressible Flows
  18. Shock-Expansion Theory
  19. Applications of Shock-Expansion
  20. Intro to Heat Transfer in Fluids
  21. How Heat Exchangers Work
  22. Forced Convection in External Flows
  23. Natural Convection