Numerical Results — Lesson 7

Plot Velocity Vectors and Contours

The following video shows how to create contour plots in CFD-Post. First, we will plot velocity contours and velocity vectors.

Note: In the below video (Plot Pressure Contours), please note that the cursor disappears accidentally at the 44-second mark and returns at the 3-minute mark. At 1 minute 17 seconds, "here" refers to the bottom-middle of the region near the plate. It is later drawn at the 1 minute 28 second mark. At 2 minute 40 seconds, "here" refers to the left most face, known as the inlet face, of the region.

In the following video we will plot pressure contours.

Plot Velocity Profiles

After plotting contours, we will create a chart for the velocity profile at x = 0.4m and x=0.8m.


Explanation for Velocity Profile Overshoot

In the following video we will discuss velocity profile overshoot, including why the velocity at the boundary layer edge is on the higher side of that free stream.


Check Similarity Principle

In the following video we check the similarity of the solution obtained using Blasius solution.


Plot Velocity Derivatives

The following video shows how to export velocity derivatives from Fluent and plot in CFD-Post.

Calculate Drag Coefficient

The following video shows the procedure for calculating the drag coefficient in Fluent and comparing it with Blasius solution.