Thermal Analysis of a Centrifugal Pump — Lesson 5

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport fluids in many different industries, e.g., sewage, agriculture, and petroleum. When the temperature of the fluid passing through the pump is high, we need to consider the thermal effect on the pump system. Usually, the parts of a centrifugal pump are made of metals. In this simulation, there are three different metal materials for different parts. Thermal contacts between the parts are defined with given thermal conductance values. Set up the model and try to identify the temperature differences between the parts. Now, if we change all the contacts to have perfect contact conductance, will the temperature of the pump increase or decrease? Try to use your engineering judgment to answer the question first and then use simulation to verify it.

Simulation Files

Download the zip file and extract the contents. Go through the Readme file. Follow along with the provided How To Video file. The student version of Ansys simulation software can be downloaded here.