Structural Analysis of a Skateboard Using Ansys Discovery - Lesson 2

Skateboarders love to perform all kinds of tricks with their skateboards, or just enjoy a comfortable ride. The deformation of the board determines how reactive the board will be and the level of control that the user will have. If a skateboard bends too much it will be very difficult to control. At the same time, the material used for the board should be light but flexible and resistant enough to avoid permanent deformations or failure.

In this lesson we will explore how to analyze the deformation of the skateboard during normal use and learn how the weight of the user will induce stresses inside the structure. We will prepare the model for preliminary simulations and then analyze different designs. Finally, we will perform a high-fidelity simulation on the preferred design to predict how much the skateboard will deform and whether it will fail or not under the applied loads.

Download the files we will use in this lesson here. Additionally, you can download Ansys Discovery Student here.