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Steady Flow Past a Cylinder Using Ansys Workbench

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Chimneys are tall cylindrical structures used for venting exhaust gases into the atmosphere. With their increased usage in industries, it is important to study the aerodynamic effects of wind on these chimneys. As wind speed increases, the pressure forces experienced at different locations of these structures also increase. It becomes critical to understand and study the distribution of these aerodynamic forces in the stability of the structures, which can be estimated with the help of engineering simulations. In this course, we consider a canonical problem of steady flow past a cylinder to understand the aerodynamic effect of wind on chimneys.

This SimCafe Course was developed by Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran, Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation at Cornell University, and John Matthew Singleton Jr in partnership with Ansys. It serves as an e-learning resource to integrate industry-standard simulation tools into courses and provides a resource for supplementary learning outside the classroom. In this course, we learn to model the convective heat transfer through an electronics box by following the end-to-end workflow in Ansys Workbench.

For more ways to learn, check out the Cornell edX course, A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations at

Cornell University also offers a Fluid Dynamics Simulations Using Ansys online certificate authored by Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran. Learn more here:

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