Intro to Ansys SpaceClaim - Lesson 2

In lesson 1, we explored what solid modeling is and why it is so important. Now we will learn how to create solid models using Ansys SpaceClaim. First, let’s explore what SpaceClaim is and why it is so powerful and easy to use.

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Solid modeling is like planning a trip. The best approach to creating a model is to think before jumping into building it. This is what we like to call logical modeling. Let's see how this works through an example.

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Now that we have an idea of how to do solid modeling, let's get started.

Download Software

The first step is to download the Ansys SpaceClaim software. Download your student version here.

Select Ansys Student and click on "Download Ansys Student"


Ansys Free Student Software - Requirements

Make sure that your system (laptop/desktop) meets the following requirements to successfully run SpaceClaim:

Introduction to Ansys SpaceClaim








After successful download and installation of SpaceClaim, let's first get familiar with the user interface and navigation tools.

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