Ansys Discovery Modeling Tutorial - Bike Crank Geometry - Lesson 4

Bike Crank

What is a bike crank?

A bike crank is a lever arm that gives the bicycle rider a mechanical advantage when pedaling.

When the rider presses their feet on the pedals, the bike crank revolves and causes rotation of the sprocket wheel, which drives the chain, which in turn drives the rear wheel​.

Modeling approach:​

Our approach to modeling will begin by analyzing the technical drawing. Download the technical drawing required for creating this bike crank model here. Once we understand its characteristics, we can outline a plan for creating the bike crank model. With a plan in place, we can begin creating the model.

Check out the video below to learn the step-by-step procedure of creating a bike crank model in Discovery.

Alternate video link.


This bike crank modeling session covered several different topics. You learned how to use sketching tools such as Mirror and Tangent Line to create more complex sketches. You then utilized the Rotate and Chamfer tools to create and modify the geometry of the solid body. Finally, you made alterations to the appearance of the design using various coloring and shading tools.