Objects, Selections, Named Selections - Lesson 3

One of the ways of creating scripts in Ansys Discovery is through scripting commands. While creating scripts to perform desired workflow, we often need to access geometrical entities like bodies, faces, etc. and other objects like planes, coordinate system, etc. located in the Model Tree of Ansys Discovery. Consider an example where we need to remove a hole from a body through scripting. In addition to knowing the appropriate command for removing a hole, we also need to access the appropriate body and the face representing the hole and then select that face for removing.

This lesson focuses on the scripting commands associated with accessing and selecting various objects. It also includes 3 workshops to get hands-on experience with these commands.

The following topics are covered in this lesson:

  • Accessing and selecting objects in Ansys Discovery:
    bodies, faces, edges, coordinate systems, components, datum planes, datum lines & datum points
  • Selecting entities by their names or by Named Selections
  • Selecting entities using the Power Selection tool
  • Creating Named Selections

Geometry Files

Download the accompanying geometry and script files from the lecture and workshop here. Ansys Discovery Student can be downloaded for free here.