Understanding which Stress Measure to Use - Lesson 2

Engineers need to evaluate stress results to ensure their design satisfies all requirements. The results need to be compared with stress limits to decide if the material is close to yielding or failure.  This lesson will cover the Stress Tool in Ansys Mechanical, which is a helpful way of calculating factors of safety easily, even with multiple materials. There are different stress measures that are available for the calculation of a safety factor. This lesson will also discuss how to choose correct stress measures to use based on different type of materials and deformation modes.

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Video Highlights

0:17 - Why is the Stress Tool used?

0:59 - What is Stress?

1:36 - Von-Mises Stress

2:26 - Nonlinear Analysis

3:47 - Defining Input Material Properties

4:45 - Stress Tools used for Ductile Materials

6:15 - Stress Tools used for Brittle Materials

7:38 - Safety Factor

13:59 - How to use Stress Tool to determine Yield/Failure

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying geometry and archived files used in the video lesson here. Download Ansys Student for free here.