Reviewing Results - Validation and Insight Using Ansys Mechanical

Reviewing the calculated results is the most critical part of any simulation. Evaluating deformation and stresses is a primary objective of our analysis, and we may need to determine our engineered design’s safety factors. However, postprocessing also helps us verify that our model setup was correct and that we don't have unexpected behaviors we can't account for. Moreover, we can compare results from different designs to evaluate the optimal configuration. This course will look at these points, along with other topics related to reviewing stress analysis results.

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The structures are subjected to various loading. The objective of the design engineer is to ensure that the structure has minimum stresses and strains. Using the Ansys optimization tools, engineers can solve structural optimization problems. The optimised designs is where multiple input parameters can control and optimize the design objectives. In this SimCafe Course, we provide a detailed walkthrough of the Optimization analysis of a structural problem in Ansys Workbench.